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What does ‘GAIA’ mean?


Drawing on aspects of classical mythology, the ancient Greeks regarded Gaia

as the self-regulating organism, the ultimate Goddess of raw, maternal power. The belief being that our destiny is dependent on what we do for Gaia as a whole, or quite simply, Gaia is life, the very soul of the earth. 

Gaia also refers to the environmental dance film (of the same name), made in 2014, by The Gaia Movement founder Erin Fowler and film-maker Nick Graalman.

The Gaia Movement


The Gaia Movement is non-for-profit platform for people around the world to collectively make lasting, positive impact for the planet and climate change.

Through simple acts like putting our feet on the ground and connecting to the earth and natural environment, TGM aims to inspire hope and connection, while planting as may trees as possible.


In a world where many feel helpless, hopeless and over-whelmed, TGM is encouraging and inspiring positive change through creating tangible, practicable and simple actions that anyone, anywhere, can take part in.


The Gaia Movement does this through education resources and schools’ programs, social campaigns and arts projects.


Inspiring and empowering children and young people, the next generation of care-takers of this planet, is central to the work of TGM.

Tree Pose Hero 6 Image by Chris Herzfeld

Current Projects


is a new social fundraising and tree planting campaign celebrating action for nature.

 Gaia in Schools 

offers education resources and workshops that encourage students to learn about, appreciate and engage with our global environment, through artistic expression.

 The Gaia Film 

is the environmental dance film, made in 2014, by TGM founder Erin Fowler & film-maker Nick Graalman. Watch it here.

 The Gaia Movement Fund 

 undertakes tree planting and reforestation projects around the world. We believe this is the most effective way to counter the effects of climate change. TGM is in the process of setting up a Deductable Gift Recipient Fund in order to receive donations. Information on how to make donations will be available soon. In the mean time please support our GoFundMe Campaign.

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