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Gaia Education offers education resources, online tools and in-person schools workshops that encourage students to learn about, appreciate and engage with our global environment, through artistic expression. Gaia Education uses the ‘Gaia’ environmental dance film (2014), created by The Gaia Movement founder Erin Fowler and filmmaker Nick Graalman as a starting point for reflection and creation.


Gaia Education can be engaged with in a number of ways including:


  • Unit plans across year levels with support materials including the film, music playlists etc.

  • Access to a teachers online portal for sharing and connection

  • In person workshops are also available with TGM founder, Erin Fowler 



If you are interested in working with The Gaia Movement in schools, universities or other education contexts, please get in touch via

















The Gaia Education Unit Plans have been devised to incorporate Arts (Dance, Music), Sustainability and Integrated (multimedia, STEAM) curriculum areas. 

Unit plans have been created for: 


  • Foundation – 4

  • Years 5-8

  • Years 9-10

  • N.B Year 11-12 work is yet to be determined due to the varying curricula in Australia state-to-state but is in development/open for pilot.


Foundation to 6 is for general teachers and 7-10 is for a dance specific approach.


All unit plans consist of:


- Long term learning objective of unit.


- Long term project proposal for integration of learning unit with school culture. This is intended to be a suggested idea, for incorporation of education units in conjunction with specific environmental/ sustainability festivals and events suitable to school/site context.


- Unit Plans: Lesson by lesson. All lessons follow a uniform structure:

  • Watch

  • Mind Map

  • Get Moving

  • Experiment

  • Share, Reflect, Discuss

All include a numbered layout of activities and the ACARA curriculum links. 


- Support materials including links to the Gaia film, the Behind the Scenes documentary, Director/Choreographer's Statement, the 4 original music compositions from the film, and suggested class music playlists. 



Founder of TGM and choreographer/ dancer Erin Fowler is available for in person or online workshops with students. These can be tailored to the needs of your school and students. For more info please send us an email,




Teachers using the Gaia Education resources also have the option to join an online portal where they can share how they used the resources in the classroom, outcomes, suggestions and ideas etc.

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